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VIA 2 (+2 Option & OFF-X Lifted) 


   VIA 2 (+2 Option & OFF-X Lifted)   

   USA Street Legal - LSV  
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All Garia vehicles are produced in Denmark to the highest quality standards. Materials are genuine and usability, comfort, features and longevity have been considered in the process of creating your Garia. Discover some of the features and details that set Garia Street Legal LSV's apart.

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Garia Street Legal Golf Cars Logo
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WHEN USING THE CONFIGURATOR ABOVE.  Please Note that many of our options at Mars are not available using this configurator but it will help out as a guide.  We have put together Mars Special Editions, which are frequent builds we do on a regular basis.  These builds will typically provide a better value and may better reflect what our customers are looking for.  Any questions please contact us at: (714) 847-7673.

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Mars Special Editions have more aggressive looks, a higher level of performance, better handling and better stability. These Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are simply more fun, and they're perfectly set up for beach cities and/or urban assault. These options are NOT listed using this CONFIGURATOR. Note that our options will also provide a better value.

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