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Monday ANZA Motorbike

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Monday Electric Motorcyles and Motorbikes

Monday Motorbikes are created by a team of passionate & environmentally conscience motorcycle riders to make getting around fun and convenient. By combining old school design with the latest technology, Monday provides clean, stylish, iconic, and easy to use motorbikes that have revolutionized urban transport.

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The ANZA is better and faster than the competition!

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The Monday ANZA does not require a license or registration to ride and can be ridden by virtually anyone. It's time to hop on and start enjoying your daily commutes!

Monday ANZA Motorbike
$1,899 - Now: $1,699

48v/1000w Power Booster Kit: $299

*Base price excluding Options/Accessories.

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Monday ANZA from MARS

Simply better than the competition! This electric motorbike can be ridden on most bike paths and public roads without a license, insurance or registration. It comes with your choice of either a Premium Bafang 500 watt motor or an optional upgrade with a Bafang 750 watt motor. Up to 35 MPH with Power Booster

Lightweight Signature MM Aluminum Alloy Frame: The Anza motorbike’s frame borrows its shape from our GEN7 motorbike, except it is made of aluminum alloy instead of steel to make it lighter-weight and resistant to rust.

ANZA Display: Vertical High-Visibility LCD Display with a USB plug to charge your phone on the go. Need to know the time? Got it. How about how far you have gone on your ride? Yep. Range, amps, miles per hour, battery, power assist, and odometer? You already know the answer.

Removable Batteries with Key Lock: The Anza’s battery can be charged while it is on the bike, but in cases where the rider needs to charge their battery elsewhere (e.g., inside the office, at a coffee shop, etc.) or needs to swap batteries, they are completely removable via a quick-release mechanism using a key.

Shock Absorbent Off-Road Tires: The Anza uses 20X4.0 “Big Fat Tires” from CST, we loved not just for their aggro looks, but for their beefiness, robust shock absorption capabilities and their EPS (Exceptional Puncture Safety) puncture protection feature, as well.


Advanced Pedal-Assist Technology: The Anza motorbikes come standard with pedals and pedal-assist technology. If you want to pedal, you can. Just set the pedal assistance you want on the monitor.

Motor: Premium Bafang 500 Watt Hub Motor or the optional 750 Watt model is also available. These ANZA motorbikes are driven by one of the most reliable internally geared brushless DC hub motors made. Yes, its capable of outputting lots of power.

Extended Seat: The Anza’s seat is 23” long, so it’s perfect for riding two-up.

Optional Power Booster Kit: The Booster Kit is an easy plug and play mod for your ANZA or Presidio bikes. This 48V 1000W upgrade boosts your bike's acceleration, top speed and hill climbing capability. Each kit is designed specifically with ANZA and Presidio plug-ins for easy installation. Includes a brand new 6V headlight that can be installed in minutes. This product can be installed on all 500W and 750W ANZA and Presidio bikes. It's time to push your bike to the next level with your new Booster Kit!



~Mars Cars, LLC 

Monday ANZA Motorbike

E-Bike Speedometer Logo

Top Speed:
Up to 20+ / 30 mph (500W)

Up to 25+ / 35 mph (750W)

Monday Motorcycle Battery Logo

48V, 11.6Ah

electric Motorcycle Charge Time logo

Charge time:
2.2A (4-5 Hours)

Electric Bike Range Logo

Up to 30 miles (500W)

Up to 40 miles (750W)

E-Bike Moped Weight Logo

66 lbs

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The ANZA design is a modern EV interpretation of an iconic 1970s café-styled moped.


As the original company to revive and electrify the classic 1970's moped-style in 2015, Monday Motorbikes set the highest bar in the industry.

The Anza model is part of our more approachable solution for aspiring and avid motorbike riders, who look for the thrill of riding a motorcycle with the ease of owning a bicycle. It’s designed to conquer any city hill and satisfy your thirst for the thrill of the beaten paths.

*The ANZA is federally classified as a Class 2 e-bike and doesn’t require a license or registration.

Monday motorbikes and motocycle logo

The Monday Presidio is a second bike in the new 2021 lineup to be revealed.


Shown above, it's built on a similar size frame as the Anza but with extra components and features. Unlike the Anza, which followed the lines of traditional “top tank” mopeds of the 1970s and ’80s, the Presidio features a step-through frame similar to a number of famous mopeds of the same era. The bike features dual rear coilover shocks and a dual crown fork. The frame is also an interesting wishbone design, which is more commonly seen on motorcycles and rarely makes its way onto electric bicycles. Contact us for more info.   Presidio Spec Sheet

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