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Monday GATEWAY 750 Motorbikes
All-Electric Moped

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Monday Electric Motorcyles and Motorbikes

Monday Motorbikes are created by a team of passionate & environmentally conscience motorcycle riders to make getting around fun and convenient. By combining old school design with the latest technology, Monday provides clean, stylish, iconic, and easy to use motorbikes that have revolutionized urban transport.

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Monday Gateway 750 Electric Moped

The GATEWAY is better & more powerful than the competition!

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The Monday GATEWAY does not require a license or registration to ride and can be ridden by virtually anyone. It's time to hop on and start enjoying your daily commutes!

Monday GATEWAY 750:

MSRP: $3,299 - SALE: $2,299

*Base price excluding Options/Accessories.

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Monday Gateway Electric Moped at the Yacht Club

Monday GATEWAY 750 from MARS

Simply better than the competition! The Gateway 750W is the modern revision of the classic Moped. In our patented design, we have replaced ICE with a 750W motor mounted in a cast wheel: Powerful, lightweight, dust and water-resistant in the IP66 package. The Gateway adds a full front and rear suspension, hydraulic disk brakes, and a high-capacity 48V x 20Ah battery. Gateway is ruggedly built using all aircraft grade, T6 aluminum construction, stainless fasteners, and water-resistant connectors throughout to create a riding experience ready for all weather, in the bike lane, or on the trail. A capable daily commuter!

Front & Rear Suspension: Hydraulic front forks and rear shocks give you a smoother riding experience both on and off-road. Advanced Pedal-Assist Combined with Full-Twist Throttle. With pedal-assist riding, you can go farther while conserving your own energy. You can also decide not to pedal at all. Your ride, your way. 

ANZA Display: Vertical High-Visibility LCD Display with a USB plug to charge your phone on the go. Need to know the time? Got it. How about how far you have gone on your ride? Yep. Range, amps, miles per hour, battery, power assist, and odometer? You already know the answer.

Removable Batteries with Key Lock: Our high energy-dense lithium-ion battery is perfectly integrated into the frame to fulfill a sleek V shape design. It can be easily removed and charged with standard US outlets. 

Shock Absorbent Off-Road Tires: The Anza uses 20X4.0 “Big Fat Tires” from CST, we loved not just for their aggro looks, but for their beefiness, robust shock absorption capabilities and their EPS (Exceptional Puncture Safety) puncture protection feature, as well.


Advanced Pedal-Assist Technology: Advanced Pedal-Assist Combined with Full-Twist Throttle. With pedal-assist riding, you can go farther while conserving your own energy. You can also decide not to pedal at all. Your ride, your way. 

Motor: Premium wheel integrated Bafang 750 Watt Motor. These GATEWAY motorbikes are driven by one of the most reliable internally geared brushless DC hub motors made. Yes, its capable of outputting lots of power.

Extended Seat: he Gateway's updated and extended seat gives you more support and surface area. With a larger seat, you also get more flexibility and comfort for various riding styles—whether you like more upright riding position or prefer to sit further away from the handlebars. .


~Mars Cars, LLC 

Monday GATEWAY Motorbike

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Top Speed:

Up to 28+ / 35 mph (750W)

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48V, 20Ah

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Charge time:
2.2A (4-5 Hours)

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Up to 50 miles (750W)

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86 lbs

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Monday Anza Electric Motorbike on the Beach
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The Monday Anza with classic proportions of a 1980s Café Racer...


Shown above, the Monday Motorbikes Anza 750W carries the classic proportions of a 1980s Cafe Racer. The Anza matches a 750W hub motor with a 14Ah x 48V lithium battery and hydraulic front and rear disk brakes for a very efficient solution to the neighborhood and campus commute. The 750W configuration offers 3 ride modes and speeds up to 28 MPH in a very low maintenance package.   

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