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GEM CAR Electric Vehicles Line Up

GEM CARS by Waev

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The Smarter Way to Move™. GEM CAR Passenger & Utility Vehicles. When it comes to moving people and cargo with ease and efficiency, GEM offers  a collection of electric vehicle solutions to fit ALL your needs.

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GEM e4 White Custom Seats
GEM CAR Electric Vehilces Logo

GEM - Different by Design

  • GEM e2: The smallest footprint and most nimble performance for a tight turn radius. 

  • GEM e4: Stand out with four forward-facing seats, safety belts and plenty of legroom.

  • GEM e6: Accommodate extra passengers without compromising comfort.

Mars Cars is currently doing a huge GEM e4 Sale w/ $1000 Rebates!

We stock more GEM e4's than anyone in California!

Please ask us about our GEM e4 rebates on specific vehicles in-stock.

GEM e2


The GEM e2 is your golf cart alternative. This street legal vehicle offers the most nimble performance with its tight turning radius and small footprint. Drive around campus or the neighborhood with GEM e2.

GEM e4


Stand out from the typical golf cart with four forward-facing high back seats, 3 point safety belts and plenty of legroom. GEM® e4 combines its superior comfort and security features to be the optimal on-road transportation vehicle.

GEM e6


GEM e6 is the ideal people mover. It has enhanced suspension that travels over rough terrain without compromising comfort. GEM e6 is perfect for moving people around campus, across town and around the local community.

GEM eLXD Black

GEM Utility Vehicles

With its sturdy build, generous ground clearance and 1,400-lb payload capacity, the GEM eL XD is a workhorse. Pick the carrier and bed options that fit the unique demands of your job.

GEM eLXD Custom

Market Applications

If your job requires more customization, your GEM can be upfit with custom features or third-party solutions. GEM offers optional factory-warrantied accessories, that can be installed in production or directly by us. 

Mars Special Editions Plaque

Mars Special Editions have more aggressive looks, a higher level of performance, better handling and better stability. These Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are simply more fun, and they're perfectly set up for beach cities and/or urban assault. These options are NOT listed using the CONFIGURATOR. Note that our options will also provide a better value.

GEM John Deer Custom Car by Mars

When your customer loves his tractors! John Deere is a classic tale of American ingenuity and integrity that still inspires us today! Custom Theme GEM by Mars Cars.

GEM e4 Ferrari Red Custom LSV
Body Glove GEM Video Link



We love working with our friends! Here's a quick look at our Collab with Body Glove/Dive N' Surf! This custom GEM Electric Vehicle by Mars has features & details ... that truly set us apart!

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