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2024 Limited / Exclusive Production Run. These E-Z-GO 4X4 M-Wagon models feature a powerful 72-Volt AC Dual Motor Electric Drivetrain. The full-time 4WD and self-compensating brake system makes for a smooth, powerful ride ... no matter what terrain you encounter. *Vehicle shown w/ M-Wagon options. 

Made In USA
Showcase Vehicle

This 72-Volt Machine is full-time 4WD and it has two independent motors for amazing handling and traction control. *Vehicle shown w/ M-Wagon options.

Now In Stock! - 2024 Exclusive Production Run!

 *Listed MSRP is the base vehicle price excluding Destination Shipping Fee, Dealer Setup & Options/Accessories.

Showcase 1

E-Z-GO 4X4 / M-Wagon from MARS

2024 Limited / Exclusive Production Run. Our M-Wagon Limited Edition has more aggressive looks, a higher level of performance, better handling, better stability. Plus it's custom set up for your specific needs. *Vehicle shown w/ M-Wagon options.


72V DUAL MOTOR POWER PLANT: Delivers efficient and exhilarating performance!

FOLD-DOWN BENCH SEAT / CARGO DECK: Got a load to take? Put the rear seats down & secure it on the cargo deck. When you’ve got two extra seats in the back.

1,000-LB. TOWING CAPACITY: Electric motors are all about torque, and this one definitely has it!

16” to 18" GROUND CLEARANCE: Massive ground clearance means you won’t get bogged down like some will.

HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL FRAME: The all-welded steel frame blends light weight with strength to squeeze every ounce of capability from the EV iS.

DASH-MOUNTED DIRECTION SELECTOR: No gears, levers, or knobs here: A simple selector lets you get moving quickly.

RELIABILITY: Made in Augusta, GA, with the power, precision and performance of the Textron legacy. And we stand behind it with a rock-solid 12-month warranty. Backed by the power of Textron, a Fortune 250 company.

~Mars Cars, LLC   

Wood Background

E-Z-GO M-Wagon  (Dual Motor 72-Volt)

The Stealthiest 4WD Vehicle Ever!

The M-Wagon Editions are premium versions of this 72-Volt, Electric 4x4. They feature diverse upgrades including: 72-V Lithium Battery, Split Windshield, Hard Top, Assault Industry Mirrors, Delta-Q On Board Charger, Custom Tires & Wheels, Suspension Modifications and Much More! The eco-friendly platform delivers uncompromising performance that easily exceeds everything out there! 

Besides its dual electric power plant, this vehicle has a host of standard features that set it apart including LED Lights, Independent Front & Rear Suspension, 4WD with IntelliBrake™ Regenerative Braking, Roll Formed OPS (Operator Protective Structure), 3-Point Seat Belts, Standard 2" Hitch Receiver, Tubular Front Brush Guard and More.


Way More OOMPH! With the E-Z-GO 72-Volt Dual Motor Technology and our Lithium Options, your ride gets boosted by more power, more range and efficiency. BETTER CLIMBING: More torque means More Power to take you up those bigger hills. Aggressive looks, a higher level of performance, better handling and better stability. These Electric Vehicles are simply more fun, and they can be perfectly set up for your needs!

Premium Upgrade Options

  1. Lithium 72-Volt Battery w/ 60 Mile Range

  2. General Grabber Tires (Steel Belted Radials)

  3. Surf City Custom Roof Racks

  4. 300 Watt Bluetooth Stealth Sound Bar (Water Proof)

  5. KC HiLiTES 30” Light Bar (Bolted to Roof Rack)

  6. MOMO Racing Steering Wheel

  7. Custom & Premium Seats

E-Z-GO 4x4 M-Wagon Custom
Mars Special Editions Plaque


From Basic to Fully Custom: Get it Your Way!

From Base Models to Fully Custom: Get it Your Way!

Custom 72-Volt 4x4 M-Wagon in Mexico

"Nick from Mars Cars helped me acquire the most stunning fleet of cars for my Villa and our guests. The crown jewel is the 4x4 M-Wagon with unbelievable power, speed, driving capabilities and handling. Hills, up and down, no problem at all. Automatic parking brake engagement, the whole package! It’s worth every penny."


"Then we have 3 other stunning carts that complete the fleet and I am sooo happy! I’ve already had a number of neighbors ask me for Nick’s info so they can get the carts. The 72V batteries barely need to be charged. The stereo systems are water proof and auto-connect to our phones every time. It’s awesome that the battery life is so long you can use the carts as a party stereo system around town and on the beach. Sooo thankful for the Mars Cars crew! Highly recommend!" ~Aviv


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2023 Limited / Exclusive Production Run
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