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Ninebot Gokart PRO
Segway Electric Go Karts

Segway Electric Go Cart Pro Moped Scooter eBike
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Designed Like Supercars! This Electric Go Kart has the rear engine and the rear-wheel-drive set up like supercars. The weight distribution is designed with 40% front and 60% rear. The controllable rear-end and high-speed cornering make it easy to show off drifting techniques like a professional racer car driver!

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Segway Electric Go Karts
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The Gokart PRO achieves new levels of performance & refinement by being tested over 2 years with a professional go cart racer & fine-tuned to achieve maximum performance.

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro

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Segway Electric Go Karts

Ninebot Gokart PRO from MARS

Fun for All. The Segway / Ninebot Gokart PRO is designed with an adjustable frame and steering wheel to fit riders between 4’5” to 6’3”. The high-strength frame can carry 220 lbs of maximum payload and its high torsional rigidity effectively withstands impacts from the road. *Riders between the ages of 14-18 require adult supervision.

This Go Kart PRO reaches new levels of performance with fine-tuned steering and added durability. Top speed can be set in the app at approximately 5, 11, 17, or 23 mph. The Gokart PRO comes as a complete unit ready to drive. The detachable self-balancing transporter that serves as the rear wheels comes already installed in the Gokart PRO and does not have to be purchased separately as with the regular Gokart. 


Superior Racecar-Inspired Design, Look & Performance
In one fell swoop, the Ninebot Gokart PRO, which has won four major global design awards, has been recognized by international designers for its outstanding design, pushing the aesthetics of go karts to a new level, and making drivers fall in love with its strong performance.

Segway Electric Go Cart Features:

  • Detachable Self-Balancing Transporter

  • 96Nm Max Torque

  • 1.02G Max. Acceleration

  • 15% Hill Grade

  • App Control

  • Height Range: 51″ to 75″

  • Top Speed 23 mph

  • 15.5 Mile Range



~Mars Cars, LLC 

Ninebot Gokart PRO

Design Award 2019 Red Dot Award 2018 Winner Good Design Award 2019 Fianlist 2019
Segway Electric Go Karts
Segway Electric Go Cart Pro Moped Scooter eBike

Drift Like A Pro!


Get ready to experience go-karting like never before with power oversteer drifting. Drift like a Pro!

The Ninebot Gokart PRO’s customized high-end brushless motor without a Hall sensor uses pure copper coil and features small internal resistance, reduced heat, and electricity loss, thus improving cruising capacity.

Segway Electric Go Karts
Segway Electric Go Karts
Segway Electric Go Cart Moped Scooter eBike
Segway Electric Go Karts
Segway Ninebot Logo Icon

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