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GEM eM 1400 LSV
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GEM eM 1400 LSV


When you need to work hard from multiple jobsites, you can count on the eM 1400 LSV to be the best solution. GEM Electric Vehicles by Polaris® offer a smarter alternative to typical golf carts.  Intentionally built for on-road use, GEM CARS are made right here in the USA!

Made in USA
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GEM eM 1400 LSV
Street Ready LSV
Made in USA

The GEM eM 1400 LSV is a rugged, hard-working and street-legal vehicle. It delivers a payload and towing capacity of 1,250 lbs without sacrificing comfort or quality.

eM 1400 LSV - Base Vehicles

 *Listed MSRP is the base vehicle price excluding Destination Shipping Fee, Dealer Setup & Options/Accessories.

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THE GEM eM 1400 LSV from MARS

With the most diverse lineup in the industry, a wide range of accessories, and dedicated support, GEM Commercial is committed to helping you find the right utility or transport vehicle to meet your needs, increase productivity, reduce your costs, and get the job done right. The eM 1400 LSV is a street-legal vehicle, meaning that you can travel from jobsite to jobsite with ease.


With a payload and towing capacity of 1,250 lbs, the GEM eM 1400 LSV vehicle can haul some serious equipment.



GEM vehicles come with standard safety features such as 3-point seat belts, 4-wheel disc brakes, and street rated tires. A low-speed vehicle (LSV), GEM is legal to drive on roads posted up to 35 mph in most states and provinces.


GEM vehicles are electrically powered, making them a sustainable alternative to gas powered trucks and vans. A rugged vehicle with quiet, zero-emission electric power and low operating costs. Versatile battery and charger options fit diverse range requirements. Plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet.



A Low-Speed Vehicle is a street-legal, electric vehicle with a top speed of 25 mph. All LSVs are equipped with three-point seat belts, running lights, headlights, brake lights, reflectors, rear view mirrors, back-up cameras, and turn signals.

GEM eM 1400 LSV Brochure


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GEM Vehicles
GEM eM 1400 LSV
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Mars Special Editions have more aggressive looks, a higher level of performance, better handling and better stability. These Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are simply more fun, and they're perfectly set up for beach cities and/or urban assault. These options are NOT listed using the CONFIGURATOR. Note that our options will also provide a better value.

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