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Turfman 200 Plus / Street Ready LSV

Turfman 200 Plus

The Most Bang for the Buck! 2023 Lithium Turfman Models. This Tough, Price-point Commercial Line-up is the Hardest Working Line Ever!  The EVolution of Commercial Golf Carts!

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Turfman 200 Plus / Street Ready LSV

Evolution Golf Carts from China have carved a distinct reputation in the market with their low price-points. Features: 48V AC Induction motor drive system, 110AH Lithium Battery, 400A Evolution controller and powerful 6.3kw motor! Loaded As Shown: $7,995 after rebate!

Was: $6995

Turfman 200 Plus


*Listed MSRP price excludes Destination Shipping Fee, Dealer Setup & Custom Options

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Turfman 200 Plus / Street Ready LSV

THE Turfman 200 Plus from MARS

2 Passenger w/ Cargo Box (110AH Lithium Battery)

More standard features than the competition. The Turfman 200 Plus is your economical work horse! Excellent Price-Point Model!

  •     48V AC Induction Motor Drive System

  •     110AH Lithium Battery

  •     400A Evolution Controller

  •     Powerful 6.3 kw Motor

  •     Double A-Arm Coil-Over Suspension

  •     Dashboard w/ Color Matching Cup Holders

  •     Luxury Steering Wheel

  •     Speedometer & USB Charging Ports

  •     Rear View Mirror, Horn & Turn Signals

  •     Retractable Seat Belts

  •     Premium 2-Tone Seats

Overall Size:  94″ x 55″ x 72″

Aluminum Cargo Box Size: 43″ x 35″ x 11"
Optional 9-inch Touchscreen w/ Speedometer Display, Back-up Camera, Stereo System, Bluetooth Connection




~Mars Cars, LLC   


Turfman 200 Plus / Street Ready LSV
Evolution Battery Background
Lithium Battery 48V-110Ah
Evolution Battery Pack


The benefits of the lithium battery include longer range, lighter weight, shorter charging time, longer life, and they are basically maintenance free.

MODEL: L48110
CHARGING TIME: 4h (With 25A Charger)
Download The Spec Sheet Via ” BATTERY SPEC SHEET ”


  • Reduces Weight of Your Golf Cart

  • Lasts Longer Over Time

  • No More Maintenance

  • No Risk of Acid Spills

  • Cheaper Per Hour of Use

  • More Power Means More Speed

  • Less Vulnerable to Temperature Changes

This battery was engineered by EVOLUTION to deliver superior power, performance, durability, and reliability for use in a broad range of demanding applications. The goal is to provide reliable energy storage solutions that enhance the way people live and work around the world.

Turfman 200 Plus / Street Ready LSV
Evolution Camping
Mars Cars Golf Carts

2024 Turfman 200 Plus
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