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Super73 S1 Motorbikes

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Born from the desire to inspire and create adventure and community, SUPER73 is an American lifestyle adventure brand fusing motorcycle heritage and youth culture. Founded and based in Southern California.

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Simply Timeless! The S1's versatility has helped it become the most recognizable bike in the SUPER73 lineup. 


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THE Super73 S1 from MARS

The S-Series is SUPER73’s iconic multi-purpose urban electric motorbike. Equipped with a bright LED headlight, rear brake light, and various accessory provisions.  The versatile street legal vehicle can be ridden on most bike paths and public roads without a license, insurance or registration.

Super 73 S1 Features:

Motor + Battery + Design: 

A durable 768 watt-hour removable battery allows riders to easily charge the battery using any standard 110v outlet. The internally geared brushless DC hub motor is capable of outputting up to 1000 watts of peak power. 

Range: Estimated 30+ miles* of range at 20mph under throttle only operation and an estimated 50+ miles* of range using ECO pedal assist mode. Mileage may vary. 

More Features: Cargo Rack: The aluminum cargo rack comes standard on all Super73-S1s and allows riders to transport bags, upgrade to an extended seat, or add other accessories. Tires: The 20 x 4.25” all-terrain tires are perfect for paved road riding and light-duty off-road adventures. Hydraulic brakes: All Super73-S1s are equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes give the rider more control and modulation of the braking system with less effort. Hydraulic brake systems are completely sealed for low maintenance and longer life.

Electric Motorbike Sizing: The Super73-S1 comes in one size. With a 30” seat height, adjustable handlebars, and a 275lb weight limit rating, the Super73-S1 is designed to comfortably accommodate riders between 4’10 - 6’2”. An optional extended seat can accommodate taller riders. 


Street Legal: The SUPER73-S1 is a Class 2 street-legal electric bike that allows riders as young as 16 to ride legally on city streets.


~Mars Cars, LLC   

Super73  S1


The Original Electric Motorbike


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