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Mars Rover / Kandi LSV

The Rover 6P  LSV

Our new Rover 6P Limited Edition features a powerful 5,000 Watt AC Electric Motor Drivetrain to deliver a silent, sustainable ride. No matter what terrain you encounter it makes for a smooth and powerful ride ...  These Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Are Fun & Function!

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Mars Rover 6P / Kandi LSV
Mars Rover LSV Edition is California Street Ready

Innovative, Affordable, Fun and Functional! The Rover 6P LSV Edition is California Street Ready, and it's set up for beach cities and/or urban assault. It has more standard features than any competitive brand we sell! Loaded Street Legal LSV is on sale!

The Rover 6P / LSV

MSRP: $12,499 to $13,699

Endless Summer Sale!


*Listed MSRP price excludes Destination Shipping Fee, Dealer Setup & Custom Options

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Mars Rover / Kandi LSV

The Rover 6P Limited Edition

At Mars Cars we are committed to selling and building electric vehicles that are Innovative, Affordable, Fun and Functional! We believe in providing reliable, trustworthy products that we can comfortably stand behind. We require inventory and REAL parts support in the USA. This vehicle is produced Kandi America, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ. It's available as a Street Legal LSV and it's CARB approved in California!
When it comes to buying golf cars, you have a lot of different options and manufacturers. One of the most important decisions you have to make is on quality, features and value. To make this even easier, we offer it in 5 color choices with an amazing base price for a loaded car!


  •     Maintenance Free AGM Batteries / 40+ Mile Range

  •     Powerful 5,000 Watt 48-V AC Electric Motor

  •     4 Wheel Hydraulic Brakes (Front: Disc, Rear: Drum)

  •     Independent MacPherson Strut Front Suspension

  •     Rear: Heavy Duty Swing Arm Straight Axle

  •     Speedometer & Battery Gauge

  •     14" Custom Alloy Wheels and All-Terrain Tires

  •     On Board Charger

  •     Comfortable Premium Stitched Seats

  •     Convertible Rear Seat w/ Storage & Cup Holders

  •     Seat Belts & Rear Safety Grab Bar

  •     Fold Down Windshield

  •     Standard Brush Guard w/ LED Light Bar

  •     LED Lights, Turn Signals, Side Mirrors

  •     Fender Flares & Extended Canopy Suntop

  •     300 LBS Towing Capacity w/ 2" Receiver

  •     12 Month Standard Warranty


~Mars Cars, LLC   

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The Rover 6P (LSV)


These 6 Passenger Street Ready Electric Vehicles are in stock!

Our standard LSV model is loaded and its ready for on-street use. These Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are now on sale!

Of course we can further customize it, if needed! For the ultimate driving experience, see options below.

The Rover Special Edition Premium Upgrade Options

  1. Mars Suspension Package (4" Wider Stance)

  2. Cooper Cobra Tires (Steel Belted Radials)

  3. MOMO Racing Steering Wheel

  4. Surf City Custom Roof Rack w/ Beach Chair Mounts

  5. 300 Watt Bluetooth Stealth Sound Bar (Water Proof)

  6. Million Color Lights LED Party Starter Set

Mars Rover / Kandi LSV
Mars Special Editions Plaque
Kandi LSV 6p Beach
Mars Cars Golf Carts

40+ Miles Per Charge

Zero Maintenance AGM Deep Cycle Batteries with a 40+ Mile Range! No battery watering or storage prep required.

Powerful 5k AC Electric Motor

The AC drivetrain is perfect for  anyone who prefers a quieter ride with no emissions. Compared to DC-powered vehicles, these electric models are 25% more efficient. 

Four Wheel Hydraulic Brakes
(Front: Disc / Rear: Drum) Maximize performance with shorter stopping distances & lower maintenance costs.

Independent Strut Suspension

MacPherson Strut Independent Front Suspension. Rear: Heavy Duty Swing Arm Straight Axle.

Calif. CARB Approved LSV Model

Street Ready LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) includes: 17 Digit VIN, 25 MPH, LED Headlights – High / Low Beam, Tail Lights / Brake Lights / Turn Signals / Horn, DOT Adjustable Laminated Windshield, Front & Rear Seat Belts, Rear License Plate Holder ... basically the LSV version has it!

The Rover 6P LSV - Street Legal
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