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The D5 Commuter LSV

The D5 Commuter LSV

The D5 Series is a signature line that seamlessly integrates modern technology with classic design. Built with attention to detail, these carts are a testament to commitment and excellence. From the sturdy chassis to the sleek exterior, every aspect of the D5 series emanates finesse.

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D5 4-Passanger Side View

The new D5 is more intelligent, dynamic and self-assured than ever. With a fascinatingly cutting-edge operating system that adapts more accurately to your needs and preferences every day. A very comfortable ride for 4 / 6 passengers with luxury seats ... for all of your adventures.

MSRP: $11,995 to $14,995

The D5 LSV (4 & 6 Seaters)

Always Summer! 

Loaded As Shown!


*Listed MSRP price excludes Destination Shipping Fee, Dealer Setup & Custom Options

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Evolution D5 Lithium LSV Golf Cart

THE New D5 LSV from MARS

4 / 6 PASSENGER LSV  (110AH Lithium Battery)

D5 Factory LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) includes: 17 Digit VIN, 25 MPH, LED Headlights – High / Low Beam, Daytime Running Lights / Tail Lights / Brake Lights / Turn Signals / Horn, DOT Adjustable Laminated Windshield, Front & Rear DOT 3-Point Seat Belts, Rear License Plate Holder, Cylindrical Sound Bar ... basically this new model has it all!

MORE STANDARD FEATURES: Way ahead of its time!

110AH Lithium Ion Battery w/ Adaptive On-Board Charger, Mobile & PC Live Monitor, 14″ Alloy Wheel Rims, Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Multi-Functional Steering Wheel w/ Power Steering, Stereo System, Volume Control, Cellphone Call Management, Media Controls, Windshield Wiper w/ Adjustable Speed Capability, Side Mirrors, Digital 9 inch Touchscreen Display w/ Back-Up Camera, Bluetooth Connection, Digital Speedometer, Gear Indicator, Light Indicators, Battery State of Charge Meter, USB Charging Ports, Front Storage, Adjustable Luxury Seats, Rear Storage Compartment and more.



The perfect Lithium Golf Car! The 4-6 passenger D5 is ready to make your life EASY & FUN. It can be driven on CA streets marked 35 MPH or less. The advanced electric powertrain delivers exhilarating performance. This brand new model is particularly sporty and it's the EVolution in golf cars!


~Mars Cars, LLC   


Premium Luxury High Back Seats


The benefits of lithium battery include longer range, lighter weight, shorter charging time, longer life, and they are maintenance free.


D5’s adjustable steering wheel is specifically designed tilting up and down, makes it easier for the driver to drive.

Maximize performance with shorter stopping distances and lower maintenance costs.

Front and Back USB Charging Ports, keep you on the go.

Top quality, comfortable with convenient rotatable armrests. Standard with the vehicle!

Evolution Battery Background
Lithium Battery 48V-110Ah
Evolution D5 Lithium 4-PassengerRear Shot
D5-6 Lifted 6-Seat LSV Front
D5-6 Lifted 6-Seat LSV Rear
Evolution LED Lighting
Mars Cars Golf Carts

The D5 Street Legal - LSV 
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